Financial security, good health, and strong social relationships are key components of well-being. It’s all connected!

I started Parkway Wealth to help people take control and feel confident about their financial future, so that they can enjoy life more fully. My career in financial services began over 25 years ago, when I accepted an entry-level customer service role with a mutual fund company. I vividly recall an early training session about investing, saving for retirement, and the power of financial literacy. I was astonished to learn that one has choices, and some control over their financial well-being. While I felt empowered with this knowledge, I immediately thought of my own mother who was a Registered Nurse, but not engaged in the household finances …..and suffered greatly as a result.

I chose to advance my financial planning knowledge further and earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ professional certification. My business has a focus on women, and their unique financial challenges. Women have more choices than ever before, and more responsibility for their financial well-being. Despite this increased role and responsibility, many women feel uncomfortable discussing finances. At Parkway Wealth, we work together to understand your questions, concerns, hopes, and fears. Financial planning is about freedom and choices. We will establish a plan that gives you confidence, clarity, and the knowledge that you are making informed decisions for a lifetime of financial well-being.

Do you have financial questions? Contact me anytime. Initial consultations are always complimentary, and give us an opportunity to see if there is a connection that may warrant further conversations.

Investment Advisory Services are provided under Private Advisor Group,  A Registered Investment Advisor. Please find additional detail and Form ADV at www.privateadvisorgroup.com.

Panel Discussion on Community and Defining Success

Financial Well Being: Physical Health, Financial Stewardship & Community Connections


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Invest in Others Gala

Invest in Others Gala

Lovely evening at the Westin Boston Seaport packed with industry peers, finalists who are recognized and awarded for their nonprofit work across our industry.

Annual 2023 Corrib 5K

Annual 2023 Corrib 5K

The tradition continues: we are thrilled to be a part of the Parkway community and to be a sponsor of the Corrib 5K and Corrib Charitable Trust again this year.

Mass PPD Fundraiser & Auction

Mass PPD Fundraiser & Auction

Pleased to sponsor the Mass Postpartum Depression Fund silent auction with a donation of gift cards from locally owned women business.


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